The most important services we provide are dismantling of industrial plants, gutting, removal and demolition of standard constructions as well as specialised demolition of glass furnaces. Our clients throughout Europe value the reliability, expertise and experience of our company. We are able to ensure the professional execution of a wide variety of demolition projects by using the latest technology as well as our highly motivated employees.

Prefabricated standard format dwellings

  • WBG Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Bad Blankenburg mbH, 07422 Bad Blankenburg (Germany), demolition block of flats,
    An der Kaufhalle 3-5, Bad Blankenburg 
  • WG Wohnungsgenossenschaft  Saalfeld eG, 07318 Saalfeld (Germany), denucleate and partial deconstruction block of flats,
    Lendenstreichstraße 44-55, Saalfeld
  • WBG Wohnungsbaugesellschaft des Landkreises Coburg mbH, 96450 Coburg (Germany), demolition of two block of flats,
    Unterm Buchberg 1-3 and 5-7, Coburg

Residential and social buildings

  • Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr in Thüringen, 99107 Erfurt (Germany), partial deconstruction and denucleate AMT courthouse,
    07407 Rudolstadt (Germany)
  • Gemeinde Steinbach am Wald, 96361 Steinbach am Wald (Germany), partial demolition and renovation activities of tourism center,
    Steinbach am Wald 
  • Saco gmbh beraten_planen_bauen, 91413 Neustadt Aisch (Germany), Future-oriented living in Ludwigsstadt,
    demolition building complex former Hotel "Zum Goldenen Löwen" with adjoining supermarket, 96337 Ludwigsstadt (Germany)

Industrial building and industrial facilities

  • Wiegand–Glashüttenwerke GmbH, 96361 Steinbach am Wald (Germany), accompanying new construction
    by a complete demolition of processing plants including facilities building and storage houses
  • Saint-Gobain Isover G+H AG, 51465 Bergisch-Gladbach (Germany), demolition and dismantling of industry and
    production facilities HEAT 14
  • Edeka Nordbayern Bau- und Objekt GmbH, 97228 Rottendorf (Germany), complete demolition former concrete plant
    company Brockardt, 96450 Coburg (Germany)

Glass furnaces - (special demolition)

  • Glasofenbau Leipzig GmbH, 04275 Leipzig (Germany), demolition furnace 7 - SP Spezialglas Piesau GmbH, 98739 Piesau (Germany)
  • Horn - Bau & Service GmbH, 95703 Plößberg (Germany). demolition furnace 2 - Verallia Deutschland AG, 45329 Essen (Germany) 
  • Sorg Feuerungsbau & Service GmbH, 97816 Lohr am Main (Germany), demolition furnace 3 - Ardagh Glass GmbH,
    31582 Nienburg (Germany)

Bridge construction projects

  • MMS - Stahl- und Anlagen GmbH, 07407 Rudolstadt (Germany), demolition of the railway bridge "Grub", 85586 Poing/Grub (Germany)
  • MMS - Stahl- und Anlagen GmbH, 07407 Rudolstadt (Germany), demolition Oker bridge, 39315 Schladen (Germany)
  • Herms Schmidt Ingenieurbau GmbH, 07318 Saalfeld (Germany), demolition Saale bridge, 07768 Großeutersdorf (Germany)

Head of Demolition

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